Tuesday, 29 May 2007


Juliette & the Licks. Se lembram da Juliette Lewis? Agora ela canta numa banda.

Juliette & the Licks.


Pablo said...

I have her latest album. Not bad, It's no Marquee Moon but if ideal when you're wasted and you still want to act punk rock. The consequences of that atittude are not so cool when you realize that you've been shaking your head and your entire body while drinking cheap vodka. What happens next is not cool at all, no sir.
Insanly cool ilustration, fido!!


FIDO NESTI said...

I heard just a couple of songs. But her image is so compelling that I just had to put on paper. Yeah, Marquee Moon kicks some serious ass!!! I never grow tired of Television. Now for the headbanging and the cheap vodka... I guess I had my share!
Como está la faculdad y los proyectos?
Cheers Pablo!