Monday, 21 May 2007

Lil' Hacker

Esta eu fiz para uma nova revista sobre internet, tecnologia e cia., que ainda está para ser lançada. É um pequeno hacker.

Illustration for a new computer & internet related magazine, yet to be released.


zbelnu said...

I love your drawings!

....:SiMonE MenDeS:.... said...

adorei este.......

muito criativo!!!

beijos Fido..

FIDO NESTI said...

thank you Zbelnu, you're welcome!

obrigado Simone, bjs!

Pablo said...

Either I have a sick sick mind or that cowboy is really enjoying riddind that computer. Nevermind me and my disgusting thougst, I really like this ilustration Fido, nicely done!

Cheer partner!

FIDO NESTI said...

You're right Pablo, he is enjoying the ride! He is a little hacker, has complete power over the computer. And yes, you have a sick mind. :)