Saturday, 5 May 2007

More Lusiadas

E aqui estão mais algumas páginas do meu livro.

Here are some more pages from my book.


Cínica said...

More amazing pages!

Pablo said...

Loving this comic Fido! I'll try to find out if I can get it here. Otherwise I'll buy it online. One way or another I must have it


FIDO NESTI said...

Cínica, thank you! I'm glad that you are enjoying the pages.

Pablo, I still must enquire my publisher on how to order the book from other countries. I'll let you know. Cheers!

elcerdo said...

Cara, as cores estao muito boas,o traço nem preciso falar.

FIDO NESTI said...

Gostei bastante das suas camisetas El Cerdo! Obrigado pelo link, adicionei você também aos meus, um abraço!

FIDO NESTI said...

Pablo, I talked with my publishers and they said that the only way to buy the book outside Brasil is via mail, so you have to contact them at the email
You can write in english, no problem. Thanks for the interest! Cheers!