Saturday, 29 November 2008

A Day at the Museum

Pintura a guache de 2005. Clique na imagem para aumentar.

Gouache painting from 2005. Click on the image to zoom.


Pablo said...

Really cool painting Fido! Do you paint much? I mean, have you ever done a show? Would love to see more of theese!
By the way, the deer lamp is the coolest lamp I've ever seen! Do you own that??


FIDO NESTI said...

Thank you Pablo! I don't have many paintings but I'm planning to find more time to explore the gouaches, oils and watercolors. I'll take pictures and post some more, soon as I find them.
The deer lamp is fantastic, I found it at a shop (that doesn't exist anymore) a couple years ago. It's fixed at the end of my corridor.